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So what about this blog?

We have entered into an accelerated deployment of technology that is affecting all areas of life as we know it. Many of the changes are public knowledge, and many more are behind the scenes, hidden, or advanced and beyond the mainstream reporting.

The pandemic of 2020, the NY Times mainstream news of UFO's, the rapid biotech developments of vaccines, the implementation of 5G, and the increasing public awareness of cybersecurity and Big Tech's monopoly over data all raised the awareness to the future potentials of technology. Some are very exciting, and some including the weaponizing of artificial intelligence can be a rude reality check.  

I decided in April 2021 that I wanted to do a deeper dive into the innovations and development of technologies that are not usually seen in mainstream news.

I also believe that we need to be informed and prepared. Informed about the potentials and possibilities, both positive and negative, for humanity and the Earth. Then by being informed we can also be prepared for various outcomes to whatever extent.

When I read the brief excerpt on the development in quantum computing that are quoted in this blog, I knew that this alone is a strong indicator of how fast changes can happen in technology. I also recognize China, in particular the CCP - Chinese Communist Party - as a possible threat in gaining superiority of advanced technologies then using them to gain advantage over other countries and perhaps the world. This is not a conspiracy theory unless you want to believe those who call it so (would the CCP want everyone to know their agenda?). At the same time I want to believe that humanity has an amazing positive future, with advances in all areas of life that will eliminate starvation and poor health conditions, and improve the lives of billions on this planet.

This is a curated blog - I find content and share it here under various topics. I have a few comments and insights also.

By browsing and reading various articles it is my hope that you will gain more knowledge about the potentials of technological advancement and as a result be prepared for whatever changes they will bring in the coming months and years.


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