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Gene Editing - CRSPR Used to Reverse Blindness

In A 1st, Scientists Use Revolutionary Gene-Editing Tool To Edit Inside A Patient

This was reported in March 2020 and most of us did not see it. This is just one of many types pf research and experiments going on with new gene editing technology. The book shown is a fascinating story of the Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna's discovery of CRSPR, a gene editing tool, and her advocacy for global ethical use of science in this field.

"For the first time, scientists have used the gene-editing technique CRISPR to try to edit a gene while the DNA is still inside a person's body.

The groundbreaking procedure involved injecting the microscopic gene-editing tool into the eye of a patient blinded by a rare genetic disorder, in hopes of enabling the volunteer to see. They hope to know within weeks whether the approach is working and, if so, to know within two or three months how much vision will be restored."

The implications of gene editing especially with the CRSPR discovery in the past few years has vast implications for the future of humanity. Cancelling out genes that cause disease, dementia, cancer, blindness and so many others as well as enhancing traits that are in the better interests of humanity are in play. As an example, if we are only using 10% of our brain, imagine what unlocking another 10% would do to improve the evolution of humanity with more creativity for innovation?

Learn more about the discovery of CRSPR from this blog's book review on The Code Breaker - BioTech and Genomics page

Reference: NPR - Health - March 4 2020


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Codebreaker - Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race by the award winning biographer Walter Isaacson.
from Amazon - "Part Seven consists of 5 chapters that discuss the issues of ethics as relates to DNA and changing the structure of life, ordering the structure of life. Who has the right? Who controls the rights? Is it right at all? These are supremely serious questions that should be considered be every adult."

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Gene Editing - CRSPR Used to Reverse Blindness

In A 1st, Scientists Use Revolutionary Gene-Editing Tool To Edit Inside A Patient This was reported in March 2020 and most of us did not see...